Sound designer, électroacoustic music composer and sometimes plastician, I try to question sound and listening for there application in differents spaces even if they are virtuals, physicals or mentals. I usualy try to describe what's surrounding me and what I feel in it.
Following Francois Bayle's i.son concept I introduce a lot of plasticity in my sonic approach by focusing on sound as vectors of mental images but also using materiality of the listening such as it support for exemple. I've in mind a conceptual music label in that way and hope to share it soon.
I'm a member of ohm atelier-ohm.fr as sound guy of the team, sometimes and mostly scoring christmas themes or helping on sound fx and spatialistion for A/V installations.
Since covid pandémia I fell in love with running and particularly in the mountains, so I also try to merge this practice with listening.

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